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Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing or Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy is an ancient method that uses tonal frequencies to balance and harmonize the body's vibrations. In a sound healing session, also known as a sound bath, you lie down on the floor or a yoga mat, sometimes snuggled up with a warm blanket, and listen as a practitioner plays different instruments. The soothing sounds and vibrations create a restorative state in the brain, activating the body's self-healing system.

Sound can be explained in two ways: physically and psychologically. The physics of sound explains the pressure changes that occur when an object vibrates, which are then detected by the ear. The psychology of sound refers to how our brain interprets each sound, providing information about our environment and triggering emotions and feelings. This field is known as psychoacoustics, and as it continues to grow, new developments in the realm of aural wellness are emerging. (Sonos, 2021)

How Does Sound Healing Work Scientifically?

Research has shown that sound vibrations impact us at the elemental and cellular levels, affecting brain, nerve, muscle, and organ function (Mosabbir, 2021).

A 2020 review by Goldsby & Goldsby suggests that sound therapy can modify brain waves, changing agitated wave patterns to exceptionally calm waveforms. As brain waves slow down, we shift from an active state to a more relaxed, dreamlike state.

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The Benefits of Sound Healing


Sound healing has emerged as an alternative therapy people seek in the case of stress, anxiety, or to deal with pain. Some benefits of sound healing are:



One of the most important and universal advantages of sound therapy is deep relaxation. The sounds pervade our system, restoring equilibrium. As calming as a spa, sound healing helps you find your harmony.

Mental Health Benefits

Stress, anxiety, and depression can all be reduced with sound healing. Sound healing restores mental balance and clarity, resulting in a revitalized sense of purpose, well-being, peace, and enjoyment. (Estrada, 2020)

Singing Bowl Sound Healing
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