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Somatic Therapies

The Mind + Body Connection

The Mind and Body in Counseling

Somatic counseling is a mind-body-centered therapeutic approach examining the connection between the mind and body. Several well-known somatic therapies exist, such as Somatic Experiencing, the Hakomi Method, Sensorimotor Therapy, EMDR, and Yogic Traditions.  Somatic Counseling incorporates somatic (body-based) approaches to counseling to explore how emotions, identity, and relationships are formed in individuals that shape their embodied experiences.

Somatic practices appear in ancient and contemporary cultures to gain knowledge of the mind and body connection in healing. Many consider Yoga to be the first somatic practice.

In counseling, practices cover diverse techniques and methods for self-awareness, self-knowledge, and releasing trauma within the brain and body union throughout the therapeutic process. 

Somatic Therapies: About
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