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Mind-body connection therapies encompass a range of practices that aim to integrate the mental and physical aspects to help individuals achieve a state of balance and harmony.

What We

EMDR Therapy

The primary goal of EMDR therapy is to facilitate the natural healing process of the brain, which involves the adaptation of memories and the reduction of emotional distress associated with traumatic experiences. This is achieved through a series of structured protocols that incorporate bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements, taps, or tones, to stimulate the brain’s information processing system and help the individual process and resolve the traumatic memories.

$150 (50 min session)

$350 (2 hours session)


Somatic therapy aims to help individuals become more aware of their physical sensations, learn to regulate their body’s responses to stress and trauma, and ultimately achieve a greater sense of well-being.

Somatic Sessions $100 (50 min)

Healing Retreats

Healing retreats can be particularly beneficial for mental and holistic health. The use of varies healing modalities designed to meet your specific needs.  

Couples Counseling 

The primary goal of couples counseling is to help partners communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their emotional connection. This process often involves discussing various aspects of the relationship, such as communication, trust, intimacy, and commitment.

$175 (60 min session)

$500 (EMDR Couples Intensive)

EMDR Intenstives

EMDR Intensive Advantage involves a series of intensive sessions, typically conducted over several days, which focus on processing traumatic memories and other negative experiences. This approach is particularly helpful for individuals who have experienced multiple traumas or have a history of complex trauma.

$Prices vary based on need.

Counseling Intern Advantage

Take advantage of the affordable cost and flexibility availability when working with a skilled mental health counseling intern.

Monthly Membership $80 

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