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Holly Winston, MA, PLPC

Wellness Professional

If you are struggling with where you are right now…

If you’ve recently chosen to make a big change or maybe you feel like a change chose you…

Feeling sad, stressed, anxious, afraid, physically exhausted, or just stuck can get in the way of everyday joy.

All of us can change. We really can. And I can help.

I work with adults and couples who may be struggling with adjusting to a new situation, anxiety, depression, grief, obsessive thoughts, childhood and medical trauma, relationship challenges, infidelity, blending families, divorce, parenting, resiliency in aging, and or general well-being.

My Approach

I decided to become a counselor after a lifetime of living with change, some good and some bad. I have personally seen what the power of therapy can bring to the lives of individuals and families. I welcome clients to therapy with a person-centered and flexible approach, incorporating techniques from diverse therapeutical approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic integration, and choice therapy. I create an intimate space of trust where you can talk about the things that matter to you. You might have a specific goal or concern you want to address, or you just want to feel better on a daily basis. Together, we can build healthier thoughts and behaviors that increase adaptability and daily satisfaction.

Some Specific Areas of Work

~Adjust to new challenges

Change is a constant in life. Just by growing older each day, we face new challenges. Work, school, health, financial obligations, parenting, loneliness, and difficult relationships. Our lives are complex and confusing sometimes. Having someone on your side to listen and sort things out can really help. I become your thought partner in improving patterns of behavior and managing reactions to what seems out of our control.

~Feel less anxious or sad

Reducing stress&anxiety, along with wanting to improve your daily mood, are two of the most sought-after goals of therapy. As a counselor, I focus on how sadness and anxiety feel emotionally and physically. I teach techniques to reduce these sensations while helping you to identify their origins.

~Improve relationships through individual or couples therapy

Relationships can be the most joyful or the most painful parts of our lives. Frequently they are both. If you’re struggling with a relationship or a specific component of an important relationship, we can work together to better understand all of the moving parts. Communicating. Understanding. Being understood. Loving and feeling loved. These are some of our primary needs that we look to our relationships to provide. In therapy, we focus on your goals, existing patterns and their origins, and ways to improve daily and long-term satisfaction.

Holly Winston, MA, PLPC: TeamMember
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