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Dr. Dianne Parr, Phd, LPC

Psychotherapist in Private Practice, Counselor Supervisor

My goal is to always do my best to make a difference in the lives I touch! As a clinical therapist, I bring a multiplicity of skills, interventions, and experiences to my practice. Currently practicing as a licensed professional counselor, with certifications in TeleHealth Mental Health, Anxiety for Wired Brain, Eye Movement Desensitization Recovery (EMDR), and Supervisor of Provisional Licensed Professional Counselors (PLPC), I am constantly enhancing my professional therapy skills to provide the interventions for the people I serve and augment their healing processes. Passionate about connecting with each person I serve and consult with; I implement the therapeutic interventions to facilitate healing and recovery. I enjoy researching, writing, and developing curriculum and programs to inform and support the healing community.

Dr. Dianne Parr, PhD, LPC: TeamMember
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