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Owner and Founder of DynamicWorks Wellness Collective

Located in St. Louis, Missouri Meto Area

Webster Groves Community

Among Angela's areas of practice are counseling chronic stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic pain, PTSD, eating disorders, body image, OCD perfectionism, work-related stress, and everyday life challenges. 

One of Angela's areas of interest is providing support for healthcare workers and other service professionals who have experienced work-related stress and trauma and helping them achieve healthy lifestyle goals.  Angela utilizes a nervous system perspective that offers biofeedback to help integrate mind-body wellness. 

By utilizing Beyond Healing Center's Somatic Integration Processing conceptualization model, Angela provides a whole person-centered approach to health. 

Another of Angela's areas of practice includes utilizing somatic practices and the intuitive eating philosophy to help individuals achieve a healthy relationship with food and body image.

(Angela is a Certified EMDR and HeartMath Practitioner and Certified Yoga Teacher)

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 Internationally Certified EMDR Therapist and

EMDRIA Approved Consultant 

Angela is Internationally Certified EMDR Therapist, Heartmath Certified Practitioner, and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor who specializes in nervous system-informed somatic therapies.

"For optimal wellness and rejuvenation, we need movement, nervous system rest, time to sense and feel our bodies and ourselves meaningfully, and to engage in the emotional expression of human to human intersubjectivity". 

Join Angela for EMDR, Yoga in Therapy, HeartMath Breathwork, Intuitive Eating, and somatic-based meditations.

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Somatic Psychology focuses on somatic experiences. The Mind, Body, Spirit connection.

Somatic therapies help relieve symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, dysregulated eating patterns, chaotic relationships, and lifestyles.

Somatic therapy has been effective in helping those who struggle with feelings of insecurity, wanting to feel trust, perfectionistic thinking, over/underachievers, parenting, managing anxiety, working through depression, and other emotional difficulties. In our sessions together we may explore the use of such as inner child healing, visualizations/meditations, and yoga and movement. 

Angela Sastry LPC, RYT: Team
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